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fdd9ac5b 11/29/2010 05:14 pm Michael Hanselmann

Move “rapi_users” file into separate directory

This reduces the number of notifications in “ganeti-rapi”. Until now it
was notified for every change in …/lib/ganeti and had to check whether
the users file was affected. A symlink is always created in cfgupgrade...

b370482d 09/06/2010 01:54 pm René Nussbaumer

Allow ensure-dirs to run partially and skip big file chunks

The startup of the daemons would take a lot of time otherwise,
also it's not needed to set the permissions of those file over
and over again, because if the daemons are once migrated to the
user they will keep creating the file for that user....

5224330e 09/06/2010 01:54 pm René Nussbaumer

Adapt ensure-dirs to accomodate the additional permissions and files

Please note that this can and will be improved over time. There are discussions
about automated file generation of ensure-dirs so we can really keep all the
permissions and file ownerships in one place. Because right now they are all...

158377f3 06/04/2010 08:05 pm Guido Trotter

ensure-dirs: don't fail if no rapi log is present

Sometimes a node has never been a master. Or ran rapi. In that case we
need to create the file (because if later rapi gets started, it won't be
able to create it itself).

Signed-off-by: Guido Trotter <>...

46a8da3b 06/04/2010 05:23 pm René Nussbaumer

Let daemon-utils fix the owners for ganeti-rapi

This is a workaround until we fully switched to user separation and fixes the
owners of directories/log files so ganeti-rapi will start flawlessly. This is
right now run for every daemon but as it operates on a relatively small subset...