This project page is obsolete. All Synnefo-related development has been moved to Github, please see http://github.com/grnet/snf-image.

snf-image is a Ganeti OS Definition used by Synnefo.

It is rewritten from scratch and allows Ganeti to launch instances from predefined or untrusted custom Images.

The whole process of deploying an Image onto the block device (provided by Ganeti), is done in complete isolation from the physical host.

snf-image requires ganeti-os-interface v20 to operate.

For more information about the architecture, installation guide and features visit the documentation page.

To create the initial dump of the image, a second tool, snf-image-creator may prove handy. It will take a hard disk of an existing machine, virtual or physical, and perform a number of handy transformations (e.g., lock users, shrink the root filesystem, delete temporary files) to create an optimized dump for use with snf-image to spawn new vms.

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