From 03/26/2012 to 04/24/2012


05:40 pm Revision 3a5454e8: Unify the output of progress bars
Nikos Skalkotos
03:54 pm Revision b1aea98e: Minor cleanup (typos, comments, etc)
Nikos Skalkotos
12:45 pm Revision 42ace959: Switch to ansicolor for coloring & fix pep8 errors
Nikos Skalkotos


06:53 pm Revision b1395967: Use progress for progress bar & implement register
Nikos Skalkotos


05:44 pm Revision 6152a559: Fix pep8 errors
Nikos Skalkotos
05:38 pm Revision 8e3065a0: Add progress bar in pithos upload & compute md5sum
Nikos Skalkotos
11:29 am Revision e22aa3a9: Seperate snapshoting from get_device in Disk class
Nikos Skalkotos


07:39 pm Revision 997ac76a: Fix image upload
Also rearrange input options Nikos Skalkotos
04:05 pm Revision 50273553: Improve help msg for remove-user-accounts sysprep
Nikos Skalkotos
04:01 pm Revision b5430a9f: Make -u and -r input options require an argument
Nikos Skalkotos
03:58 pm Revision 6f319b6a: Fix typos in var names
Nikos Skalkotos


05:25 pm Revision 40e7a487: Add a wrapper module for kamaki
This is just a template. Not fully workable Nikos Skalkotos


04:38 pm Revision f165adc0: Add options for enabling/disabling sysprep tasks
Also merge data_cleanup tasks with syspreps and did a major cleanup Nikos Skalkotos


03:09 pm Revision 76d4a1c9: Add options for printing sysprep and data cleanup
Add --print-data-cleanup and --print sysprep input options. If enabled
the program will output what data cleanup and ...
Nikos Skalkotos
03:08 pm Revision 4cab6d62: Fix pep8 error
Nikos Skalkotos


06:08 pm Revision a9c9d939: Add cleanup method that removes user accounts
This method will remove all users that have id over 1000. In most
systems this will remove all normal user accounts b...
Nikos Skalkotos


05:36 pm Revision 51fab9c9: Add cleanup method that locks all user accounts
Nikos Skalkotos
04:26 pm Revision 0144d7c7: Add exclude_task decorator in os_type
This can be used to create a set of by default disabled data_cleanup
and sysprep tasks.
Nikos Skalkotos
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