From 05/17/2012 to 06/15/2012


07:26 pm Revision 2a21ff92: Further development on snf-image-creator-dialog
Extract and Register menu entries work fine. Nikos Skalkotos
04:53 pm Revision d3445122: In kamaki.register convert all metadata to strings
Otherwise the registration may fail. Nikos Skalkotos
12:03 pm Revision 825fe2a6: Open snapshot in binary mode before uploading
Nikos Skalkotos
11:55 am Revision df499fea: In some circumstances mount the image readonly
If no customization is to be applied the image should be mounted
Nikos Skalkotos
11:32 am Revision 3b7d3fc7: Don't handle kamaki exceptions in kamaki_wrapper
Let the application decide what to do with them. If image-creator
receives an error from kamaki it will terminate. Bu...
Nikos Skalkotos


06:19 pm Revision 672cabb9: Initial commit for snf-image-creator-dialog
snf-image-creator-dialog is a dialog based version of snf-image-creator
Nothing works yet
Nikos Skalkotos
05:46 pm Revision 550d4a49: Allow readonly mount in DiskDevice class
Add an option to DiskDevice's mount method to allow readonly mount Nikos Skalkotos
01:33 pm Revision 7bf93524: Add Output module for dialog-based output
Nikos Skalkotos
11:37 am Revision bb4db5a8: Fix a bug introduced in 4e58b51b
The error function used for outputing errors has been removed
and the code was not updated to use the error m...
Nikos Skalkotos
11:32 am Revision 0931fbd6: Save bar_type parameter in Output base class
Nikos Skalkotos


05:53 pm Revision ae10ac63: Add cleanup method in output class
Nikos Skalkotos


06:28 pm Revision 4e58b51b: Create a new output subpackage
Nikos Skalkotos
12:12 pm Revision 710adfb2: Print an extra space when new_line=False
Nikos Skalkotos
12:02 pm Revision 96171db1: Add size param in the Output.Progress constructor
Nikos Skalkotos
11:25 am Revision 5f27b178: Disable recovery proc if libguestfs ver < 1.17.14
In older versions of libguestfs, the recovery process did not close
the file descriptors it inherited. This could cas...
Nikos Skalkotos


01:58 pm Revision 1ea7fc2e: Make progress class contain and Ouput instance
This is handy because now progress class can print using the output
methods of it's output class
Nikos Skalkotos


03:14 pm Revision 574f2712: Fix copyright date in
Nikos Skalkotos
02:05 pm Revision 46544c32: Check if stdout is a tty
If not then don't output progressbars and colors Nikos Skalkotos
12:05 pm Revision 08f26796: Fix a bug in Output.progress_generator
The progress bar of the progress generator had a wrong max attribute. Nikos Skalkotos


07:08 pm Revision e77e66a9: Unify output by creating a seperated output module
All image-creator components now output messages using an instance
of one of the output classes.
Nikos Skalkotos


07:14 pm Revision 5886f568: Remove get_metadata() from os_type classes
The metadata are collected in the constructor and are saved in the
meta variable. This way they can be accessed and a...
Nikos Skalkotos
05:05 pm Revision 7d3dc857: Add option for passing user-defined image metadata
The metadata passed by the user will overwrite any automatically
collected metadata with the same key.
Nikos Skalkotos
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