From 06/04/2013 to 07/03/2013


04:28 pm Revision d415dda2: Add support for sysprep-parameters
The user may define parameters needed by the os_type classes to perform
the system preparation tasks.
A new needed_s...
Nikos Skalkotos
10:13 am Revision 92a6ff01: Remove bootable options from image class
It has never been used. If we need it in the future, we will bring
it back
Nikos Skalkotos


01:50 pm Revision c50c5ae7: Add basic support for customizing windows images
Add do_sysprep method for windows that shuts down the guestfs backend
process and starts a new kvm process with the s...
Nikos Skalkotos


04:14 pm Revision 0c505946: Pass the Image instance to the os_type classes
Those classes may need to access more Image data than the guestfs
handler and the root device name
Nikos Skalkotos
12:46 pm Revision 55133880: Disable UAC remote restrictions in windows
Before launching the windows image with KVM, disable the UAC remote
restrictions. This is needed to make the image al...
Nikos Skalkotos
12:32 pm Revision 34e7a04a: Minor typos
Nikos Skalkotos


06:48 pm snf_image_creator-0.4.1.tar.gz
Nikos Skalkotos
06:48 pm snf_image_creator-0.4.tar.gz
Nikos Skalkotos
05:42 pm Revision e016d1b1: Bump version to 0.4.1-1~precise
Signed-off-by: Nikos Skalkotos <> Nikos Skalkotos
05:42 pm Revision e2b0db4d: Merge branch 'master' into debian-precise
Nikos Skalkotos
05:33 pm Revision e2c29e06: Bump version to 0.4.1-1~precise
Signed-off-by: Nikos Skalkotos <> Nikos Skalkotos
05:33 pm Revision 5f80a140: Merge branch 'master' into debian-precise
Nikos Skalkotos
04:18 pm Revision d7a0de81: Update the documentation
* Add instruction on how to install the debian packages
* Update version to 0.4.1
* Add a small comment about the d...
Nikos Skalkotos
02:42 pm Revision ab88be6b: Bump version to 0.4.1-1~wheezy
Signed-off-by: Nikos Skalkotos <> Nikos Skalkotos
02:42 pm Revision 354f0edf: Merge branch 'master' into debian-wheezy
Nikos Skalkotos


08:18 pm Revision 57e98b60: Merge branch 'develop' into feature-windows-support
Nikos Skalkotos
08:10 pm Revision bda5233f: Bump version to 0.4.1next
Nikos Skalkotos
08:09 pm Revision ae887b57: Merge branch 'hotfix-0.4.1' into develop
Nikos Skalkotos
07:32 pm Revision 4fecb169: Bump version to 0.4.1
Nikos Skalkotos
07:21 pm Revision 628054a7: Merge branch 'hotfix-0.4.1'
Nikos Skalkotos
07:20 pm Revision b8c0848c: Add missing _do_collect_metadata method in Windows
Nikos Skalkotos
07:09 pm Revision 48511209: Fix an missing func error introduced in e1c0be0296
Nikos Skalkotos


06:25 pm Revision b6765b7e: Always close fds returned by tempfile.mkstemp()
Nikos Skalkotos
05:14 pm Revision 266069e0: Update dependencies for 0.4
Nikos Skalkotos
05:13 pm Revision e875afdf: Update depencencies for version 0.4
Nikos Skalkotos
05:12 pm Revision b0e59fbf: Update dependencies for version 0.4
Nikos Skalkotos
04:27 pm Revision e1c0be02: Add check_guestfs_version function
This function is used to check if a specified libguestfs version is
smaller, greater or equal to the installed one
Nikos Skalkotos
11:31 am Revision 67b70375: Bump development version to 0.4next
Nikos Skalkotos


03:48 pm Revision b9a8a121: Bump version to 0.4
Nikos Skalkotos
02:01 pm Revision be739023: Merge branch 'develop'
Nikos Skalkotos


05:35 pm Revision ffc64d7c: Remove all referencies to words like ~okeanos
In the documentation and the printed messages, remove all references
to ~okeanos, pithos or cyclades.
Nikos Skalkotos
01:15 pm Revision cd822978: Merge branch 'feature-synnefo-0.14' into develop
Nikos Skalkotos
01:06 pm Revision 8d66cd4c: Minor cleanup in dialog_wizard
* Move all common WizardPage variables to the base class
* Give more sensible names to some variables
* Make Wizard...
Nikos Skalkotos


04:38 pm Revision 5a380da9: Create a new cloud wizard page
Make the cloud selection wizard page an instance of WizardMenuPage Nikos Skalkotos
11:51 am Revision b0ddf192: Update the ChangeLog
Make the ChangeLog comply with the latest changes Nikos Skalkotos


06:59 pm Revision 8e58e699: Change the metadata file format to json
When registring an image, use the information returned by the
kamaki register method to construct the metadata file.
Nikos Skalkotos
05:21 pm Revision b3a4845c: Add --cloud option in snf-image-creator
This options can be used to get the authentication URL and token
from a saved cloud section in the kamaki configurati...
Nikos Skalkotos
04:27 pm Revision 49c07ce3: Comply with kamaki 0.9
* Change the authentication everywhere to use clouds
(authentication URL and token pairs)
* Add menu entries to m...
Nikos Skalkotos


09:59 pm Revision a26ae008: Monkey-patch pythondialog to support form boxes
Nikos Skalkotos


05:41 pm Revision 121f3bc0: Code Cleanup
* Prefix all private methods with _
* Write missing docstrings
* Move all public methods above the private ones
* ...
Nikos Skalkotos


03:24 pm Revision 71b0ab28: Move mount/umount from image to os_type module
Nikos Skalkotos


01:09 pm Revision bf3a282c: Bump version to 0.3next
Nikos Skalkotos
01:02 pm Revision 9c060ab0: Merge branch 'master' into develop
Nikos Skalkotos
01:01 pm Revision 5b2ee8c2: Make use of devflow building system
Nikos Skalkotos


01:16 pm Revision f238585e: Bump debian version to 0.3-1wheezy
Nikos Skalkotos
01:05 pm Revision e4ae3d35: Update debian file for version 0.3-1
Nikos Skalkotos
01:01 pm Revision af835dc3: Merge branch 'master' into debian
Nikos Skalkotos
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