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27a3b37a 05/18/2012 01:23 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Bump debian version to 0.4-1

Also fix build dependencies

9a7a794c 05/18/2012 12:06 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Merge branch 'master' into debian

5fc02e52 05/17/2012 05:21 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Update ChangeLog and configure for v0.4

8689d50f 05/17/2012 03:31 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Add mechanism for using a custom unattend.xml

snf-image-helper by default uses it's own version of unattend.xml file,
but if UNATTEND variable is specified then it will use the one provided
by snf-image-host.

822ba661 05/15/2012 04:52 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Add support for GUID partition tables

8576747b 05/15/2012 01:09 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Fix a bug introduced in 01da0f7d58e0bf30f06755d802

Fix a bug where the partition that should be resized in some cases
was computed in a wrong way

bc9d337a 05/11/2012 05:44 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Add AddSwap task

This task is used to set up the swap partition previously created by
FixPartitionTable task and to add a swap entry in the instances fstab

0d67af87 05/10/2012 05:32 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Remove redundant normalize_unit function

01da0f7d 05/09/2012 07:01 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Add swap partition if SWAP property is defined

f399daef 04/03/2012 05:38 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Merge branch 'master' into debian

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