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643d7283 05/17/2012 04:35 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Remove enable-pithos-support option

snf-image will detect at runtime if pithos backend is installed

a94e134d 02/17/2012 03:24 pm Giorgos Verigakis

Bugfix, truncate to size

2548cd0d 02/03/2012 06:15 pm Giorgos Verigakis

get_object_meta now requires a domain

0d090771 12/12/2011 03:26 pm Giorgos Verigakis

License change to match the rest of the project

fa7285cf 12/09/2011 01:41 pm Giorgos Verigakis

Add pithcat tool

It connects to a Pithos backend and either fetches
the data of a file or returns its size.

Refs #1745