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Nikos Skalkotos, 10/19/2011 05:27 pm

Image Format

Right now we support 2 image formats: extdump and ntfsdump. Those formats are raw copies (using dd) of partitions hosting ext{2,3,4} and ntfs filesystems respectively.

Partitions hosting a windows or linux system that are suitable for dumping should have the following properties:
  • Be the first partition in the filesystem
  • Start at sector 2048
  • Have a bootloader installed in the partition

Known Issues

  • For linux systems, having grub installed in the partition is fragile and thing can go wrong when resizing the partitions. Especially when shrinking the partition
  • Swap space is not supported.

Future Work

We are considering changing the {ext,ntfs}dump format in order to overcome the known issues.