From 03/11/2012 to 04/09/2012


12:26 am Revision f6f980d5: Allow dhcp responce in ebtables
Signed-off-by: Dimitris Aragiorgis <> Dimitris Aragiorgis


06:05 pm Revision 3a82ff41: Support gateway-less networks in nfdhcpd
Networks without gateway are needed for private networks among VMs.
To this end routing table will only have one enr...
Dimitris Aragiorgis
05:56 pm Revision cf51ea5b: Add basic files
Include nfdhcpd and tools handling vlans
Include basic scripts for configuring networks in nodes
Signed-off-by: Dim...
Dimitris Aragiorgis


06:42 pm Revision d07b449f: Initial commit for snf-network package
Provide all software components needed by synnefo and ganeti to
support networking inside the cluster.
Dimitris Aragiorgis
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