From 12/15/2013 to 01/13/2014


12:02 pm Revision b725f126: Make fix-net use and correct env vars
Helper functions for getting uplink and eui64 reside in
New Ganeti provides correct GANETI_NEW_PRIMARY GAN...
Dimitris Aragiorgis
11:03 am Revision 1bdc9427: Move fix-net logic from hooks to if-up
In target node we used to run arping and ndsend. Move these
commands to if-up script.
Introduce helper function to g...
Dimitris Aragiorgis


03:09 pm Revision cae36f02: Use correct env vars in fix-net hook
After fixing HooksEnv and HooksNodes in Ganeti migration opcode
to include both source and target nodes, use them cor...
Dimitris Aragiorgis
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