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b7ca7496 02/12/2014 03:17 pm Athanasia Asiki

Minor changes

7d1d34a2 01/21/2014 03:43 pm Athanasia Asiki

Changes in documentation

27eb5ce9 01/10/2014 07:25 pm Athanasia Asiki

Merge branch 'master' of

236293c0 01/10/2014 07:18 pm Athanasia Asiki

changes for the newest version of kamaki

d7c70e5c 12/18/2013 04:44 pm Athanasia Asiki

Fix in

f25a4623 12/17/2013 07:07 pm Athanasia Asiki

Add copyright

fe35958e 12/16/2013 03:49 pm Athanasia Asiki

features for voms authentication

d573d9ab 12/11/2013 06:29 pm Athanasia Asiki

Merge branch 'master' of

4ab8bfab 12/11/2013 06:24 pm Athanasia Asiki

New features and network backend support, newer version of kamaki

b8290c59 12/11/2013 05:45 pm Athanasia Asiki

Minor fixes to

1fa7e54b 05/24/2013 03:01 pm Christos KK Loverdos

docs: Add link to master page of OCCI spec

456b6b8f 05/30/2012 05:16 pm John Giannelos

Minor fixes to documentation

088e4262 05/28/2012 01:24 pm John Giannelos

snf-occi now working with newer versions of kamaki

2bd4ca03 05/22/2012 04:14 pm John Giannelos

Fixed related mixins to up-to-date instances

dcb17973 05/22/2012 03:29 pm John Giannelos

Syncing registry resources with cyclades now working

77182fb8 05/22/2012 02:12 pm John Giannelos

Implemented compute instance refreshing in registry

efa0d1ef 05/22/2012 11:51 am John Giannelos

Edited documentation

343dc811 05/08/2012 04:36 pm John Giannelos

Correct token in kamaki calls

43b14afb 05/02/2012 04:05 pm John Giannelos

New documentation with examples/new setup script

b8e8a8f9 05/02/2012 02:01 pm John Giannelos

Fixed pyflakes error

5b763467 05/02/2012 12:22 pm John Giannelos

Minor fixes

55ab2427 05/02/2012 12:18 pm John Giannelos

Optimized kamaki calls/Fixed exception handling

b7fca2d2 04/30/2012 05:00 pm John Giannelos

Fixed compute instance naming

711721d6 04/30/2012 04:23 pm John Giannelos

Minor fixes/comments

ce25fdc1 04/30/2012 04:00 pm John Giannelos

Added HTTPError handling

3c3c94f2 04/30/2012 02:46 pm John Giannelos

Fixed latency in flavor populating

d7dfc401 04/30/2012 01:53 pm John Giannelos

Added / disabled OCCI's update,replace

6fa30928 04/25/2012 02:57 pm John Giannelos


ed91cac4 04/25/2012 02:55 pm John Giannelos

Correct imports

3f0eb9af 04/25/2012 02:53 pm John Giannelos

Fixed setup scripts/module renaming

a99ea610 04/25/2012 01:32 pm John Giannelos

File tree changes/started setup script

d91acac3 04/25/2012 01:20 pm John Giannelos

Minor fixes

813073b8 04/25/2012 12:57 pm John Giannelos

Documentation update

22167a8c 04/24/2012 06:38 pm John Giannelos

File split/different files for server and backend

b46572ab 04/24/2012 05:54 pm John Giannelos

Fixed compute instances identifiers

0e338141 04/24/2012 01:06 pm John Giannelos

Fixed token passing to extras

bbf0c7f1 04/23/2012 05:48 pm John Giannelos

Started implementing authentication

4adfebfe 04/23/2012 02:55 pm John Giannelos

Actions now working/using older pyssf version

c687b8f4 04/20/2012 06:03 pm John Giannelos

Correct file added

7d64b872 04/20/2012 04:21 pm John Giannelos

Wrong commits

fddcb688 04/20/2012 04:18 pm John Giannelos

Fixed compute create, added retrieve and delete

80578d96 04/20/2012 04:17 pm John Giannelos

Merge branch 'master' of


d0ea08cc 04/20/2012 04:10 pm John Giannelos

API registry still not working

592e8117 04/20/2012 03:51 pm John Giannelos

Implemented CREATE and DELETE compute instances

1501c36d 04/19/2012 06:04 pm John Giannelos

Succesfully created first VM / no input checking

8fbffa6b 04/19/2012 05:45 pm John Giannelos

Succesfully created first VM / no input checking

f882a314 04/19/2012 04:14 pm John Giannelos

Fixed compute instances attributes: actions, states

4b86ec7c 04/19/2012 03:12 pm John Giannelos

Fixed refreshing of images/flavors

4efa9a11 04/19/2012 11:58 am John Giannelos

Initial commit to dev repo

be350355 03/28/2012 03:45 pm John Giannelos

Initial documentation commit