From 02/22/2012 to 03/22/2012


10:16 pm Revision 4b3d914f: Update debian/changelog before release
Stratos Psomadakis
09:43 pm Revision 49edbb71: Merge branch 'master' into snf-debian
Stratos Psomadakis
09:41 pm Revision da142b1f: Version bump to 1.2
Stratos Psomadakis
09:37 pm Revision 30c77623: Merge branch 'master' into snf-debian
Stratos Psomadakis
11:05 am Revision 7eb27319: Make server connect retries and retry wait tunable
Stratos Psomadakis


02:44 pm Revision e02fb257: Merge branch 'server-connect' into snf-debian
Vangelis Koukis


05:43 pm Revision 512c571e: Wait for VNC server connection establishment
Wait until the connection to the VNC server has been
established, before sending a successful response to the
Stratos Psomadakis
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