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6149f03e 07/01/2013 05:33 pm Stratos Psomadakis

Support server SSL cert auth in client

4331e4d8 07/01/2013 05:04 pm Stratos Psomadakis

Improve logging / exception handling

df5f123a 06/29/2013 12:36 pm Stratos Psomadakis

Fix error in auth file handling

28a2d809 06/29/2013 04:21 am Stratos Psomadakis

Don't crash on an empy auth file

Don't crash on an empty auth file. Also correct a typo with the `no_ssl`

4a1dd7af 06/28/2013 09:59 pm Stratos Psomadakis

Add example users file and users file checks

Add an example users file and fail if there are no users defined in the

d49bd2fb 06/28/2013 08:34 pm Stratos Psomadakis

Add support for control connection authentication

Since vncauthproxy no longer uses Unix domain sockets for the control
connection handling, authentication handling, which was done with POSIX
file permissions, must be implemented in vncauthproxy.

The /var/lib/vncauthproxy/users file (configurable) acts as an...

0b74ef50 06/28/2013 08:21 pm Stratos Psomadakis

Use SSL/TLS for control connections

Control connections now use SSL/TLS by default. Since, vncauthproxy control
connections now use TCP/IP instead of Unix domain sockets, sensitive
information could be sent over possibly untrusted / insecure channels.

7af890c9 05/10/2013 03:40 pm Stratos Psomadakis

Set SO_REUSEADDR for the control socket

dd62f34b 04/30/2013 01:31 pm Stratos Psomadakis

Fix typos/mistakes introduced by the refactoring

310ae019 04/28/2013 12:34 am Stratos Psomadakis

Code refactoring

  • Move the connection establishment inside the VncAuthProxy greenlet /
  • Use a shared get_listening_sockets() method for both client proxy /
    forward sockets and the control socket.
  • Reorganize / comment / rephrase the default values and the cli...

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