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86d1202e 04/24/2013 03:27 am Stratos Psomadakis

Make control connection handling async

For every incoming control connection, accept() inside the main loop and
dispatch the connection handling/establishment to a new greenlet.

The async handling of the control connections ensures that vncauhtproxy won't...

1e3d1c7d 04/10/2013 02:03 pm Vangelis Koukis

Modify default port range for port pool

The default port range used for automatic port selection
was chosen to be the ephemeral port range. This was the wrong
thing to do, because it may conflict with ports used for outgoing
connections from the host on which vncauthproxy runs,...

f6eb1be8 03/30/2013 01:01 pm Vangelis Koukis

Fix possible race in returning source port to pool

First make sure all sockets for a connection are closed,
then return the source port number to the port pool.

This fixes a possible race where the greenlet gets preempted right after
returning a port to the pool, and the port is picked up from the pool by...

020f4a9e 03/30/2013 12:55 pm Vangelis Koukis

Improve cleanup of worker greenlets

There are two worker greenlets per direction of an established
connection. This patch improves the way they are cleaned up
by the main connection greenlet.

The workers are no longer linked together. This removes the hideous...

d5705e2c 03/30/2013 12:46 pm Vangelis Koukis

Fix a few more instances of logging

Fix a few more instances of logging, per pylint W6501,
after commit c87d99e96.

0423d976 03/30/2013 12:44 pm Vangelis Koukis

Use gevent.sleep instead of time.sleep

Use green version of sleep() from gevent,
so other greenlets get to run while a specific greenlet sleeps.

c87d99e9 03/29/2013 01:34 pm Vangelis Koukis

Make logging more consistent

Generate all logging-specific function members of VncAuthProxy
("info", "error", etc) dynamically, from a single template.

Pass arguments to format string separately, as per pylint W6501,

fe5fc466 03/29/2013 12:48 pm Vangelis Koukis

Fix minor typo

6e40f2a8 03/28/2013 05:08 pm Vangelis Koukis

Be more verbose when waiting for client to connect

03a592b9 03/26/2013 07:36 pm Vangelis Koukis

Support argument parsing in command line client

Make the vncauthproxy client a proper command line tool,
by adding support for argument parsing. Also output debugging
information to stderr.

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