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eafd0e30 06/29/2013 04:04 am Faidon Liambotis

Initial Debian packaging

653715aa 06/29/2013 04:04 am Faidon Liambotis

Drop daemon's privileges

Since there is no support for this in the daemon itself nor a proper
configuration file, do that in the (Debian) init script by using a
/etc/default/vncauthproxy file plus start-stop-daemon.

171b9e72 06/29/2013 04:04 am Faidon Liambotis

Minor fixes to the Debian packaging

c7e8f923 06/29/2013 04:04 am Vangelis Koukis

Update debian packaging after script name change

Update debian packaging to reflect console script name change -> vncauthproxy in

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