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6698 BugNewMedium`Show more` link is almost invisible in Shared with me side list Christos KK Loverdos12/11/2014 03:30 pm
6115 FeatureNewHighSupport container creation and project reassignmentChristos KK Loverdos09/02/2014 11:27 am
5355 BugNewMediumCyclades helpdesk tool - IPv6 depiction/search03/31/2014 03:07 pm
5195 FeatureNewMediumIn dd, check how bs, obs and ibs parameters behave03/06/2014 05:57 pm
5186 BugResolvedHighFailing upload of a non existent object with If-None-MatchSofia Papagiannaki03/05/2014 12:57 pm
5184 FeatureNewMediumDelete object if ETAG matchSofia Papagiannaki03/04/2014 07:04 pm
5180 BugIn ProgressMediumUnquote and encode ONLY the synnefo-related headers when receiving an HTTP requestStavros Sachtouris03/04/2014 07:44 pm
5168 BugResolvedMediumFailure during accessing public objectSofia Papagiannaki02/28/2014 05:43 pm
5164 FeatureNewMediumProvide tests for checking rados backendSofia Papagiannaki02/27/2014 01:51 pm
5160 BugAssignedLowStatus bar not woking when appending to a fileStavros Sachtouris02/28/2014 12:10 pm
5150 FeatureFeedbackMediumTake care of HTTP headers with unicode valuesStavros Sachtouris03/05/2014 04:44 pm
5119 BugResolvedMediumTypeError when listing over-populated containersSofia Papagiannaki02/21/2014 11:28 am
5113 BugNewMediumUpdate pithos & astakos docsSofia Papagiannaki02/19/2014 01:56 pm
5111 BugNewMediumGateway on private networksChristos Stavrakakis02/19/2014 01:04 pm
5109 FeatureNewMediumOptmize Cyclades DB queriesChristos Stavrakakis02/19/2014 11:54 am
5104 BugResolvedMediumMake network_id an optional param when creating a floating IPStavros Sachtouris02/20/2014 11:36 am
5078 FeatureNewMediumPithos Backend functions for CycladesSofia Papagiannaki02/14/2014 05:42 pm
5074 FeatureNewMediumRun arbitrary scripts to the guest image02/13/2014 07:07 pm
5072 FeatureNewMediumKeep same version/uuid when changing object metadataSofia Papagiannaki02/13/2014 05:39 pm
5071 FeatureNewMediumRedesign Pithos DB SchemaChrysostomos Nanakos02/13/2014 04:44 pm
5069 BugNewMediumWrong Pithos quotas when moving objectsSofia Papagiannaki02/13/2014 05:10 pm
5064 BugResolvedMediumUpdate API documentationStavros Sachtouris02/19/2014 05:15 pm
5063 BugNewMediumList over 10000 container objects (paginated listing)Christos KK Loverdos02/11/2014 04:13 pm
5055 FeatureNewMediumSupport for multiple snf-vncauthproxy daemonsChristos Stavrakakis02/10/2014 04:43 pm
5052 SupportNewMediumAdjust project-related commands to comply with synnefo > 0.15Stavros Sachtouris02/10/2014 11:51 am
5051 FeatureNewMediumSemanticly clean up responses02/10/2014 10:39 am
5031 SupportResolvedMediumEnrich documentation with network-related examplesStavros Sachtouris02/07/2014 06:47 pm
5025 SupportNewMediumAdjust kamaki CLI to astakosclient/project_API changesStavros Sachtouris02/04/2014 05:36 pm
5024 FeatureIn ProgressHighSimplify project/application schemeGiorgos Korfiatis02/04/2014 04:59 pm
5019 FeatureResolvedMediumOptionally enforce a specific content disposition typeSofia Papagiannaki03/05/2014 03:03 pm
5014 FeatureNewHighUpdate snf-manage project-list command to match rest of --filter in SynnefoGiorgos Korfiatis01/31/2014 02:19 pm
5008 FeatureNewHighAdapt UI to resource-pool projectsKostas Papadimitriou01/29/2014 03:40 pm
5007 FeatureIn ProgressHighIntroduce resource-pool projects replacing current onesGiorgos Korfiatis01/29/2014 03:33 pm
5002 FeatureResolvedHighAstakosClientError class to merge ClientError and AstakosClientExceptionStavros Sachtouris01/28/2014 05:24 pm
5001 BugNewLowsnf-manage user-list --group= ... wrong output01/28/2014 04:55 pm
4992 BugResolvedMediumMultiple ways to create a containerStavros Sachtouris01/28/2014 02:01 pm
4991 FeatureResolvedMediumBetter handling of file/image target locationStavros Sachtouris01/28/2014 12:39 pm
4990 BugResolvedMediumIn image modify, rename --(un)publish to --public/--privateStavros Sachtouris01/27/2014 06:16 pm
4987 BugResolvedMediumkamaki file list does not show all directories as directoriesStavros Sachtouris01/27/2014 03:02 pm
4986 BugResolvedMediumURL params are not always url-encodedStavros Sachtouris01/27/2014 03:04 pm
4982 FeatureNewMediumAdd a mechanism for allowing the user to delete arbitrary files during image creation01/25/2014 03:13 pm
4981 BugNewMediumDjango's testrunner fails to destroy test DB01/24/2014 08:12 pm
4980 FeatureNewMediumAPI request validatorChristos Stavrakakis01/24/2014 07:25 pm
4971 BugResolvedHighFix unicode issue in requests for authorisation code Sofia Papagiannaki01/24/2014 01:41 pm
4963 BugNewMediumobject PUT with x-move-from ignores X-Source-VersionSofia Papagiannaki01/22/2014 01:17 pm
4960 FeatureResolvedMediumMeta file at image register should be shared the same way the image file doesStavros Sachtouris01/27/2014 06:00 pm
4957 FeatureNewMediumAllow the user to omit the snapshot01/21/2014 01:43 pm
4956 FeatureNewMedium Examine how much space the snapshot consumes01/21/2014 01:23 pm
4944 BugAssignedMediumCommand outputChristos Stavrakakis01/17/2014 03:41 pm
4921 BugNewLowDifferent footer in pithos ui and cyclades uiChristos KK Loverdos01/15/2014 04:47 pm
4880 BugResolvedHighKeep bw compatiblity and update documentation to reflect astakos renamingsStavros Sachtouris01/14/2014 03:54 pm
4873 FeatureResolvedMediumUse burnin for functional testsStavros Sachtouris01/31/2014 02:42 pm
4865 BugResolvedMediumNon positional arguments are partially matchedStavros Sachtouris01/30/2014 05:58 pm
4811 FeatureNewMediumAdd match and filter arguments in listing commands (and others of similar functionalityStavros Sachtouris02/07/2014 12:31 pm
4810 FeatureResolvedMediumAllow pithos commands to recognise users by usernameStavros Sachtouris02/05/2014 03:25 pm
4805 BugNewLowLink to home issue on tray icon.01/15/2014 04:33 pm
4804 BugResolvedHighException thrown at /oauth2/authSofia Papagiannaki01/09/2014 01:13 pm
4796 BugAssignedHighException thrown: DoesNotExist: AstakosUserAuthProvider matching query does not exist.Kostas Papadimitriou12/20/2013 11:47 am
4792 FeatureNewMediumsnf-manage diffsettings12/19/2013 03:10 pm
4786 BugNewMediumAstakos: Remove existing unverified users on third party identifier takeoverKostas Papadimitriou12/19/2013 01:42 pm
4781 FeatureNewLowAdd checks in installerGiorgos Pantazis12/18/2013 07:31 pm
4776 BugResolvedHighView failure for objects under directorySofia Papagiannaki01/09/2014 01:11 pm
4773 BugResolvedHighClient Fails to check authenticationGiorgos Pantazis12/18/2013 07:19 pm
4752 SupportResolvedMediumDocument astakosclient commands w. examplesStavros Sachtouris12/17/2013 03:01 pm
4751 FeatureResolvedLowForce Update CheckGiorgos Pantazis06/18/2014 03:41 pm
4739 FeatureAssignedMediumBurnin as a stress testing toolIlias Tsitsimpis12/10/2013 02:29 pm
4727 BugResolvedMediumFix detailed listing of public objects (shared by me)Sofia Papagiannaki12/11/2013 12:24 pm
4704 BugNewMediumDocument file ranges and make them friendlyStavros Sachtouris12/06/2013 05:06 pm
4692 BugNewMediumUpdate Documentation to reflect the changes in version 0.12Stavros Sachtouris12/06/2013 04:36 pm
4689 FeatureNewLowAction LogGiorgos Pantazis12/02/2013 02:20 pm
4688 FeatureNewHighRestructure New Account/Add Account wizardGiorgos Pantazis12/02/2013 02:16 pm
4687 FeatureNewMediumVendor RegistryGiorgos Pantazis12/02/2013 02:11 pm
4686 BugNewMediumIssue with syncing phandom files Giorgos Pantazis12/02/2013 01:03 pm
4685 BugNewMediumPossible memory leakGiorgos Pantazis01/15/2014 04:34 pm
4684 BugResolvedHighRefreshing API Key fails randomlyGiorgos Pantazis12/02/2013 02:07 pm
4670 FeatureNewMediumSupport aliases in kamakiStavros Sachtouris11/28/2013 01:15 pm
4668 FeatureNewMediumImplement a command to encrypt files before uploading themStavros Sachtouris11/28/2013 12:55 pm
4664 FeatureAssignedMediumImplement a command for opening and editing remote files with local applicationsStavros Sachtouris12/02/2013 12:25 pm
4625 SupportResolvedMediumpithos object identificationStavros Sachtouris11/25/2013 01:38 pm
4624 FeatureAssignedMediumImplement wait-while and wait-for, generalize and extent to networksStavros Sachtouris12/02/2013 05:17 pm
4617 FeatureResolvedMediumMove threading control to the commands that use threads, add --threads optionStavros Sachtouris11/19/2013 06:16 pm
4612 SupportResolvedLowSeperate starting points for kamaki one-command and kamaki-shellStavros Sachtouris12/02/2013 05:54 pm
4601 FeatureNewLowInvestigate use of caching by astakosclientSofia Papagiannaki11/15/2013 12:34 pm
4596 FeatureResolvedMediumWrap argumentparser to allow required yet non-positional argumentsStavros Sachtouris11/18/2013 12:23 pm
4583 FeatureAssignedMediumDesign and implement a new kamaki commands naming schemeStavros Sachtouris11/28/2013 06:36 pm
4581 BugNewMediumWizard does not respect the SORTORDER image propertyKostas Papadimitriou11/11/2013 06:50 pm
4563 FeatureAssignedMediumExpose networking commandsStavros Sachtouris12/02/2013 05:17 pm
4546 FeatureResolvedHighImplement the OpenStack Networking (Neutron) APIStavros Sachtouris11/21/2013 06:08 pm
4502 BugResolvedMedium500 Internal Server Error on file sharingSofia Papagiannaki10/29/2013 01:55 pm
4501 BugResolvedMediumViews should return 405 (Method Not Allowed) instead of raising (500) AssertionError for not allowed request methodsSofia Papagiannaki10/29/2013 01:55 pm
4479 FeatureResolvedHigh.kamaki.history recommendationsStavros Sachtouris02/24/2014 01:24 pm
4426 BugNewMediumPossible pithos bugSofia Papagiannaki10/02/2013 11:58 am
4344 BugAssignedHighsnf-deploy procedure throws exception at configuration stepGiorgos Korfiatis09/22/2013 12:53 pm
4340 FeatureResolvedMediumReorganize astakosclient-originated command namespacesStavros Sachtouris10/30/2013 05:45 pm
4337 FeatureResolvedMediumCache user catalog requestsStavros Sachtouris10/15/2013 03:54 pm
4309 FeatureNewHighPithos UI: footer extra messageChristos KK Loverdos09/16/2013 02:09 pm
4248 BugNewLowReverse image listing is not an exact reverse listingChristos Stavrakakis09/02/2013 03:42 pm
4240 BugNewMediumfavicon missing from pithos uiChristos KK Loverdos08/27/2013 05:40 pm
4218 BugResolvedMediumCleanup legacy astakos lib methodsKostas Papadimitriou02/10/2014 03:29 pm
4213 BugNewMediumReconciliation exclusionsChristos Stavrakakis08/02/2013 05:15 pm

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