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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
367 FeatureNewLowRate-limiting των requests στο APIGiorgos Verigakis06/29/2011 01:40 pm
689 FeatureAssignedHighΜετάφραση όλων των strings στα ελληνικάPanagiotis Louridas10/14/2011 07:33 pm
807 BugAssignedMediumThe vncauthproxy package should not be a dependency for SynnefoVangelis Koukis01/16/2012 06:32 pm
829 FeatureAssignedLowGarbage collection for VirtualMachine and Image instancesGiorgos Gousios07/15/2011 11:03 am
869 BugFeedbackMediumInstance details href on network page hover fixKostas Papadimitriou10/12/2011 01:08 pm
967 FeatureResolvedHighMonitor the number of blocks actually synced to diskVangelis Koukis10/10/2011 01:59 pm
991 FeatureAssignedMediumExtend Synnefo mechanism to support custom ImagesVangelis Koukis09/13/2011 03:21 pm
995 FeatureAssignedHighAdmin tool to collect and display statistics from the Synnefo DB and the backendGiorgos Verigakis02/07/2012 11:58 am
1069 BugFeedbackMediumNo Content-Length in empty HEAD responses06/02/2014 11:32 am
1151 FeatureNewMediumAdmin interface feature requestsGiorgos Verigakis02/07/2012 12:02 pm
1171 FeatureNewMediumMigration tools02/08/2013 06:52 pm
1445 BugAssignedMediumIE7 compatibilityKostas Papadimitriou11/09/2012 12:23 pm
1453 FeatureAssignedHighDocument the kamaki clientGiorgos Verigakis02/07/2012 12:04 pm
1462 FeatureAssignedMediumUpdate API implementation based on latest version of spec draftGiorgos Verigakis02/07/2012 12:04 pm
1463 FeatureAssignedHighUpdate UI, use updated version of OpenStack API as per updated draftKostas Papadimitriou11/09/2012 12:23 pm
1481 BugFeedbackMediumSetting proper changes-since values for recurrent requestsKostas Papadimitriou11/09/2012 12:23 pm
1486 FeatureAssignedMediumHandle change of ganeti master in snf-ganeti-eventdVangelis Koukis02/07/2012 12:09 pm
1513 FeatureAssignedMediumSupport dynamic attachment and detachment of RBD volumes to and from Ganeti instancesConstantinos Venetsanopoulos10/18/2011 05:02 pm
1514 FeatureAssignedMediumExplore OpenStack Lunr API, compare with Synnefo block APIConstantinos Venetsanopoulos10/18/2011 05:08 pm
1515 FeatureAssignedHighImplement Synnefo Block APIConstantinos Venetsanopoulos10/18/2011 05:26 pm
1518 FeatureAssignedHighDesign and Implementation of Disks tab in the UI (mockups)Kostas Papadimitriou11/09/2012 12:22 pm
1519 FeatureAssignedMediumDesign and Implementation of Disks tab in the UI (integration)Kostas Papadimitriou11/09/2012 12:21 pm
1520 FeatureAssignedHighSupport registration of custom Images with HTTP URIs in the UIKostas Papadimitriou11/09/2012 12:21 pm
1523 FeatureAssignedMediumMachine bundling tool for creation of custom imagesNikos Skalkotos02/07/2012 12:13 pm
1524 FeatureAssignedHighImprovements to the snf-burnin toolVangelis Koukis01/16/2012 06:14 pm

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