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046c8f11 11/13/2013 10:39 am Christos Stavrakakis

cyclades: Rename option

Rename '--allocation-pools' option to '--allocation-pool'.

32b1ed4a 11/13/2013 09:44 am Christos Stavrakakis

cyclades: Check drained only if not destroying

Check drained flag only if network actions is not destroy. When network
is being destroyed the network is automatically marked as drained to
exclude it from IP allocations.

af1832fe 11/13/2013 09:18 am Christos Stavrakakis

cyclades: Check for all finalized states

55b3d06b 11/13/2013 08:41 am Christos Stavrakakis

cyclades: Fix broken tests

Fix some tests that broke because of recent changes in astakosclient.
The 'token' argument has been removed, so all mocking arguments are
shifted by one.

19441a04 11/12/2013 05:22 pm Giorgos Korfiatis

cyclades: Fix floating_ip resource counting

9b5dd109 11/12/2013 05:21 pm Christos Stavrakakis

cyclades: sed 's/astakos_url/astakos_auth_url/g'

89dc40ca 11/12/2013 04:31 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

ui: Floating IP connect vm overlay fix

pass collection instead of array in show_vms call

68cc89f6 11/12/2013 04:31 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

ui: Improve dynamic model attributes handling

c935b4ea 11/12/2013 04:31 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

ui: Avoid floating ip disconnect on busy vms

c12627c7 11/12/2013 02:31 pm Christos Stavrakakis

cyclades: Handle snf-ganeti bug

Create IPv6 only networks as /29 because snf-ganeti can not create /30

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