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desktops.html 99 Bytes
disks.html 94 Bytes
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Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
07233d78 01/25/2011 10:46 am Christos Psaltis

correct div id in desktops template

0dedf601 01/24/2011 07:08 pm Christos Psaltis

new main tabs appear and disappear without animation

cc570918 01/24/2011 06:19 pm Christos Psaltis

replaced counter in rotating arrow with boolean flag

24d0c6a9 01/24/2011 05:56 pm Christos Psaltis

added rotating arrow for alternative tabs

50b398f6 01/24/2011 02:42 pm Christos Psaltis

added empty initial templates for files, desktops, apps and arrow icon

556c1cbe 01/24/2011 02:28 pm Christos Psaltis

added checkbox in table headers of list view

36dc242e 01/21/2011 05:58 pm Christos Psaltis

last grey delimeter in standard view is now hidden and states in list view are correctly read

7dda8900 01/21/2011 04:08 pm Christos Psaltis

fixed widths for machines table in list view

c376783b 01/21/2011 04:01 pm Markos Gogoulos

renamed instance to machine on css etc. also added a few strings for the translation

2e315183 01/21/2011 03:12 pm Christos Psaltis

added multisorting capability in list view, using the CTRL key

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