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Added by Vangelis Koukis about 13 years ago

Extend api/v1.1redux to support VNC OOB consoles

Add support in api/v1.1redux for OOB consoles using VNC, refs #349.
More specifically: * Implement a new action ("console") for POST to /servers/id/action. * Extend api/servers.py to pass the Django request object to actions. * Import a version of the vncauthproxy control client under util/. * Extend the cloud command-line tool to support getting OOB console access.

Example json: {"console": {"type": "VNC"}}
Example XML: <console type="VNC" />

To service the call, the API will contact a running vncauthproxy to set up a
time-limited port for VNC forwarding, where the client can connect.

This is WIP. Still missing: * A patched version of vncauthproxy. * Client-side (GUI) support for requesting an OOB console.


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