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# Date Author Comment
20a29096 02/05/2013 05:59 pm Olga Brani

Cloudbar improved functionality

Profile menu in Cloudbar appears both on hover and on tab

a3af7d09 01/28/2013 03:36 pm Olga Brani

Astakos presentation fixes

- Rename Profile to Dashboard
- New functionality for cloudbar
- Responsive styles
- New image for reset password page

a202beb8 01/24/2013 03:58 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Fix cloudbar profile sizing

46cdafb6 01/24/2013 12:25 pm Olga Brani

Cloudbar bug fix

d44504d6 01/23/2013 06:05 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Cloudbar sign in redirect param fix

clean additional params from url

b87429e1 01/23/2013 03:10 pm Olga Brani

Bug/style fixes

1e689956 01/23/2013 03:10 pm Olga Brani

Change cloudbar profile toggle js.

7deaaa5f 01/18/2013 01:41 pm Olga Brani

Landing page style improvements

003d8fcf 01/18/2013 11:56 am Olga Brani

Profile auth methods fixes/Landing page

- New landing page (missing icons)
- Auth methods js bug fixes
- Style fixes

7f7863bb 01/15/2013 09:04 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Cloudbar flickering fix

prepend body placeholder (using border-top) to avoid flickering caused
due to late rendering of the cloudbar element

0c87304c 12/13/2012 02:42 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Use https to load google fonts

d2a553dc 12/05/2012 01:15 pm Olga Brani

Style fixes

5ebebb20 11/30/2012 05:42 pm Olga Brani

How it works page

4f78c22c 09/13/2012 04:21 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

merge with origin 0.6.4

ea221961 09/07/2012 01:22 pm Olga Brani

New font (Open Sans)

6f0777d9 08/02/2012 04:34 pm Olga Brani

Merge branch 'newstyles' of into newstyles


49a1289d 08/02/2012 04:31 pm Olga Brani

Update theme

- Change font
- Style changes

0ba79e58 07/31/2012 07:06 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Additional cyclades styles for cloudbar

- Fix cloudbar placement
- Rename cyclades stylesheet

0e6fc68c 07/31/2012 07:02 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Ensure cloudbar styles isolation

c798d62b 07/31/2012 05:07 pm Olga Brani

Cloudbar fixes. Html updates.

badb9324 06/26/2012 04:29 pm Olga Brani


5871f324 06/18/2012 01:43 pm Olga Brani

Style fixes

abf4d9e5 06/15/2012 05:39 pm Olga Brani

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/newstyles' into newstyles

da7eb085 06/15/2012 05:37 pm Olga Brani

Fixes and Clouds animations

2bc206d4 06/13/2012 03:37 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Merge branch 'master' into newstyles


cbe40c76 06/12/2012 04:28 pm Olga Brani

Bug fixes +blinking cloudbar

a2f9a5db 06/08/2012 05:13 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Proper display of active service in cloudbar

based on service id or name.

0b423952 06/07/2012 01:54 pm Olga Brani

Minor fixes & improvements

9024c501 05/31/2012 05:19 pm Olga Brani

Responsive with initial-scale:1.0

246eba2f 05/24/2012 04:01 pm Olga Brani

Cloudbar login fixes

25f5da04 05/24/2012 12:10 pm Olga Brani

Cloudbar account style

0c887794 05/15/2012 02:39 pm Olga Brani

Bug fixes and improvements

0f4a8a68 05/02/2012 05:14 pm Olga Brani

New html styles

cf4c546f 03/13/2012 05:45 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Update home icon

4af2e338 03/13/2012 05:31 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Improve cloudbar styles

- new home icon (okeanos small logo)
- new styles for icon link

02717631 03/07/2012 09:01 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Minor cloudbar improvements

d3e3dd89 03/01/2012 07:06 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Minor fix in cloudbar styles

apply different color on hover for user menu links

f289215d 03/01/2012 07:06 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Updated cloudbar styles

- a bit bolder links
- force font-family and size

7a245cde 03/01/2012 12:39 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Cloudbar IE fix

fixed cloudbar to display properly on pithos app with IE

c934c789 03/01/2012 12:09 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Cloudbar fix

proper callback parameter

7a0c3713 03/01/2012 12:09 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Convert cloudbar api responses to JSONP

if callback parameter is set on url use it and set the appropriate
response mimetype.

c3ef34ef 02/28/2012 04:51 pm root

Fix cloudbar.

ded3a1b7 02/25/2012 10:38 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

remove hardcoded urls to the astakos api services from the cloudar

1ae97c83 02/25/2012 09:57 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

change cloudbar to contain dynamic links

27993be5 02/23/2012 05:36 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Repo refactor and webproject hooks fixes