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29c77db7 06/19/2013 04:08 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Install webproject static files

c52399a2 06/19/2013 11:08 am Christos Stavrakakis

Bump version to 0.14~rc4-1~squeeze

Signed-off-by: Christos Stavrakakis <>

475518c8 06/18/2013 01:59 pm Stratos Psomadakis

Bump version to 0.14~rc2-1

Signed-off-by: Stratos Psomadakis <>

8d2a9dfe 06/18/2013 12:02 pm Christos Stavrakakis

Bump version to 0.14~rc1-1~squeeze

Signed-off-by: Christos Stavrakakis <>

2061ac20 06/14/2013 11:49 am Georgios D. Tsoukalas

debian: do not double-start dispatcher at postinst

f3bef2e6 06/14/2013 10:48 am Georgios D. Tsoukalas

debian: do not start eventd in postinst: dpkg will

e493f889 06/13/2013 06:14 pm Georgios D. Tsoukalas

debian: fix typo in snf-branding

da4f5de8 06/13/2013 05:57 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Include branding conf files in snf-branding.install

e8948fab 06/11/2013 06:24 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Include webproject in pydist-overrides

485adc3d 06/07/2013 09:59 am Georgios D. Tsoukalas

snf-astakos-app conflicts snf-quotaholder-app

snf-astakos-app conflicts and replaces snf-quotaholder-app.
Conflict will not allow the two packages together,
the Replaces defines which way the conflict should be resolved:
remove snf-quotaholder-app

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