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b3babac6 05/16/2013 02:50 pm Georgios D. Tsoukalas

robust version importing in docs build config

After changing sys.path, synnefo and synnefo.versions must be reloaded
because if they have been cached, the updated sys.path will not be
consulted because importing synnefo and synnefo.versions will stop at
the cache in sys.modules

34e79416 04/23/2013 03:40 pm Constantinos Venetsanopoulos

Make URL oblsolete

Everything should point to*
This patch updates the URL everywhere in the repo.

dbe23431 03/27/2013 11:14 am Ilias Tsitsimpis

snf-astakos-client: Intersphinx mapping

c2d0e69e 02/28/2013 03:20 pm Stratos Psomadakis

Update Copyright for synnefo docs

693bebea 02/26/2013 02:11 pm Stratos Psomadakis

Make docs (devflow) version-'aware'

081adb75 12/11/2012 04:23 pm Constantinos Venetsanopoulos

Update docs theme to match

b2764de1 11/22/2012 01:11 pm Dimitris Aragiorgis

Update quick-admin-install-guide for backend-add

Signed-off-by: Dimitris Aragiorgis <>

5f1b2b92 04/20/2012 06:09 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Fix path in documentation

so that sphinx autodoc extension can access plankton source files

1837aa54 04/19/2012 07:31 pm Giorgos Verigakis

Initial doc skeleton for the Plankton API

67491c08 04/13/2012 04:26 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Update documentation version

70f13b0f 02/07/2012 02:07 pm Vangelis Koukis

rename snf-docs/ to docs/