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9999b451 09/12/2011 10:57 am Giorgos Verigakis

Add some notes about the admin tools

Refs #849

3b40590c 09/06/2011 11:44 am Vangelis Koukis

Update README.admin, add doc on reconciliation

96b635d9 07/13/2011 04:40 pm Vangelis Koukis

Improve instructions for transaction-isolation

Improve the instructions for setting MySQL's transaction-isolation parameter
using the 'init_command' option for MySQLdb in Django's

3a4e3bac 07/13/2011 03:58 pm Giorgos Gousios

Documentation of configuring the appl logs

271baf11 06/07/2011 01:17 pm Nikos Skalkotos

Fixed minor typos and format errors in README.*

03353341 06/06/2011 12:20 pm Vangelis Koukis

Overhaul README.{deploy,develop,admin}

Revise documentation in README.deploy and README.develop:

  • Have README.develop refer to specific installation instructions
    in README.deploy.
  • Include a distinct README.admin file containing
    notes related to administration of a working Synnefo deployment.