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449a1c40 12/16/2013 02:04 pm Ilias Tsitsimpis

snf-burnin: Retry when SSHException

Retry when `SSHException: Error reading SSH protocol banner'.

26e0d95d 12/16/2013 01:06 pm Ilias Tsitsimpis

snf-burnin: Update kamaki version

2c60bfa6 12/10/2013 12:02 pm Ilias Tsitsimpis

burnin: Fix a bug when generated tests fail

When a generated test was failing (in particular the
GeneratedServerTestSuite) burnin couldn't know that this test failed
and wasn't exiting with an error exit status.

Fix this by forcing the test that generated the erroneous test suite to...

7c37ab19 12/09/2013 01:35 pm Ilias Tsitsimpis

burnin: If machine is ERROR we cannot delete ports

If the machine is not in ACTIVE state we cannot delete its ports.
This patch changes burnin so when cleaning up stale servers
(where there is the possibility that the machine is not ACTIVE)
it will not try to disconnect the server from the public network....

17bb60a5 12/09/2013 11:16 am Ilias Tsitsimpis

burnin: Fix a bug with missing method

Method `_disconnect_from_floating_ips' has been removed but
StaleFloatingIPsTestSuite was using it. Replace this method with

24d1788b 12/03/2013 03:52 pm Ilias Tsitsimpis

burnin: Add --temp-directory option

This option is used to specify a temp directory to be used
by burnin to save it's intermediate files. The default
value for this option is "/tmp/"

06c9d4db 12/02/2013 02:12 pm Ilias Tsitsimpis

Burnin: Fix some verbal errors

5bef1f49 12/02/2013 02:12 pm Ilias Tsitsimpis

burnin: Get quotas from Astakos service

3e5bbd85 12/02/2013 02:12 pm Ilias Tsitsimpis

burnin: Verify quotas

After every action that changes the user's quotas
verify that quotas' changes are consistent.

60a80953 12/02/2013 02:12 pm Ilias Tsitsimpis

burnin: Implement the new Network API

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