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1f57fb89 04/05/2011 02:11 pm Faidon Liambotis

Revert changes to and make it executable is as-is shipped by Django and hence there's no point in
making it PEP-8 compliant (as was done in e646ebe5a).

While we're at it, make it also executable.

e646ebe5 03/30/2011 11:38 pm Dimitris Moraitis

pep8 compliance

a1ff72ab 01/24/2011 06:12 pm Vassilios Karakoidas

Remove policy directory and its contents.

e210565f 01/20/2011 06:21 pm Vassilios Karakoidas

Creating a project structure for the upcoming charging application.

fcdc6811 01/17/2011 10:33 pm Vassilios Karakoidas

Added django models for the policy database

00b4f1be 11/26/2010 04:39 pm Faidon Liambotis

Initial commit