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PITHOS_BACKEND_VERSIONING        auto                                                               Default versioning policy for containers
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PITHOS_BACKEND_FREE_VERSIONING   True                                                               Default versioning debit policy (default free)
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PITHOS_BACKEND_POOL_SIZE         5                                                                  Default backend pool size
PITHOS_UPDATE_MD5                True                                                               Update object checksums when using hashmaps
PITHOS_UPDATE_MD5                False                                                               Update object checksums
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PITHOS_SERVICE_TOKEN             ''                                                                 Service token acquired by the identity provider (astakos)
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PITHOS_RADOS_STORAGE             False                                                              Enables or disables secondary Pithos storage on RADOS
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PITHOS_RADOS_POOL_BLOCKS         None                                                               RADOS pool to be used for block storage

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