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5e992f29 12/13/2012 04:57 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Redirect to index after succecssful signup

ab7e3a9e 12/13/2012 04:36 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Additional messages in third party registration/login process

c4b1a172 12/13/2012 02:11 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Configurable auth providers messages

c630fee6 12/11/2012 05:16 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Third party login providers fixes/improvements

- Store additional provider info in PendingThirdPartyUser entries
- Include third party registration logic in main signup view. Additional
per provider signup views removed.
- Unique email validation for all activation backend forms...

394c9834 12/04/2012 02:05 pm Olga Brani

- Flag is_active_member to group_details

666c7490 12/03/2012 06:28 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Change menu ``Report`` to ``Usage``

289f8c2e 12/03/2012 06:04 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Fix group list view working with sqlite

f9aea9c8 12/03/2012 05:49 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Update snf-manage commands in email templates. Fix authentication token renewal.

680a29ac 12/03/2012 03:37 pm Olga Brani

Merge branch 'devel-0.13' of into devel-0.13


792c2f3b 12/03/2012 03:27 pm Olga Brani

Bug fixes
Style improvents
Authorisation methods page

29b0ec5a 12/03/2012 02:13 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Do not show default groups in project lists

f8f86e83 12/03/2012 12:56 pm root

Remove celery tasks execution

b2033b58 12/03/2012 04:41 am Kostas Papadimitriou

Merge branch 'devel-0.13' of into devel-0.13

666e1351 12/01/2012 10:34 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Enable group owner to disapprove already approved members

bfaeedb6 12/01/2012 10:28 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Fix sorting parameter validation in group detail

513571c3 12/01/2012 08:20 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Fixes in group creation

098f333b 12/01/2012 07:05 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Validate sorting request parameter in group views

8ab484ea 11/30/2012 06:29 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Keep third party token between signup form errors

dc59b418 11/30/2012 05:44 pm Olga Brani

Merge branch 'devel-0.13' of into devel-0.13


5ebebb20 11/30/2012 05:42 pm Olga Brani

How it works page

f432088a 11/30/2012 04:45 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Additional multiple auth methods fixes and tests

2e90e3ec 11/30/2012 03:29 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Merge branch 'devel-0.13' into multipleauthmethods


d2633501 11/30/2012 02:42 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Allow multiple login methods per account

b8f9f64e 11/30/2012 01:28 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Add missing transaction commit

f366e3ed 11/30/2012 11:50 am Olga Brani

Merge branch '0.6.4' into devel-0.13


59728d4e 11/29/2012 06:19 pm Olga Brani

- Rename group to project in ui
- Different pagination for groups search result page
- Truncatechars filter

c0b26605 11/29/2012 05:08 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/0.12' into devel-0.13


bf0c6de5 11/28/2012 12:02 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Flush other user sessions during password/token change

Refs: #3007

b2ffa772 11/27/2012 04:54 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Force astakos cookie to follow session state.

a4075f5a 11/23/2012 06:16 pm root

Add maximun participants number reached message.

84a7cd69 11/23/2012 05:40 pm Olga Brani

Style improvements

3cbd5e47 11/23/2012 04:44 pm Olga Brani

- New styles for select
- new Class ResourcePresentation
- Group add form javascript validation

6c8a3f7c 11/22/2012 01:52 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Enable inactive shibboleth users to change email

Refs: #3041

b6852727 11/20/2012 04:01 pm Olga Brani


5841646f 11/20/2012 03:58 pm Olga Brani

Bug fixes
- Custom select
- Units etc for group details
- General fixes

1f3b4b39 11/20/2012 02:19 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Special handling for login failure messages

Refs: #3041

64ada32d 11/19/2012 03:38 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Fix logout

c44955a6 11/19/2012 12:46 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Correct logging when cookie is deleted

217994f8 11/16/2012 08:17 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Restrict next url parameter

Refs: #3008

678b2236 11/16/2012 04:34 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Customize third party signup form fields

Refs: #3041

bdc1c103 11/16/2012 03:36 pm Olga Brani

Group create
- Complete form
- Fix data presentation

ef20ea07 11/15/2012 05:37 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Refine shibboleth signup mechanism

Refs: #3041

e786fbc2 11/14/2012 03:55 pm Olga Brani

Merge branch '0.6.4' of into 0.6.4

6abd262c 11/14/2012 03:55 pm Olga Brani

Group create form bug fixes ( preliminary effors )

f2a4ce70 11/14/2012 01:35 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Fix group list view

7bb6bd0e 11/14/2012 12:41 pm Olga Brani

Mergind two lists into one ( preliminary efforts )

ae497612 11/13/2012 05:45 pm Olga Brani

Back up file

dcd1c383 11/13/2012 05:37 pm Olga Brani

Group create form bug fixes:
- Remove radio buttons limited/unlimited
- Human readable bytes size input

639e0352 11/09/2012 01:41 pm Olga Brani

Fix division by zero

c042a458 11/09/2012 12:55 pm Olga Brani

Style fixes

40a0cd8b 11/09/2012 09:56 am Sofia Papagiannaki

Fix signup

29b87e7c 11/08/2012 05:53 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Fix group creation summary view

12269b45 11/08/2012 03:23 pm Olga Brani

Fixes for report page
Bypass group list page

7c4980e1 11/08/2012 02:09 pm Olga Brani

Group summary page

7c76af95 11/08/2012 12:44 pm Olga Brani

Bug fixes

8c804c12 11/07/2012 04:17 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Backend implementation of group creation summary

d84d925f 11/07/2012 11:06 am Olga Brani

Group create summary page static

820b18e0 11/07/2012 02:53 am Sofia Papagiannaki

User create_groups api call in group creation

ed2f0452 11/06/2012 06:18 pm Olga Brani

- Help_text for group create form
- Resource_presentation dict

9a06d96f 11/05/2012 03:38 pm Olga Brani

Merged demo

1b866d9e 11/02/2012 12:50 pm Olga Brani

New create group page.
Changes in resources page.
Style fixes

52343ac8 10/25/2012 01:29 pm Olga Brani

Resources statistic page

133b2afe 10/23/2012 12:26 pm Olga Brani

Merge branch '0.6.4' of into 0.6.4


bde71886 10/23/2012 12:11 pm Olga Brani

astakos_group_form_demo page
astakos_group_ressources_statistics page

dda2e499 10/12/2012 06:43 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Explicitly allow only POST and GET requests

9eafaa32 10/04/2012 12:42 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

View and management commands for adding/removing user resource quota

Refs: #2793

28c06e75 10/02/2012 12:06 pm root

Merge branch 'dev' of into dev

3bb604eb 10/02/2012 12:05 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Merge branch '0.6.4' into dev


88305cf0 10/01/2012 05:44 pm root

commit dev84 changes

dfdc64d2 09/28/2012 06:41 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Display resource limit details

801be7a3 09/28/2012 05:13 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Add sorting parameter validation

77aaed51 09/28/2012 04:37 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Change pagination in group list

572194d0 09/28/2012 03:17 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Add erroneously deleted line

56b1281c 09/28/2012 03:14 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Fix bugs in views

032ade79 09/28/2012 01:19 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Reduce database interaction in group_detail

701118f4 09/28/2012 12:04 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Do now allow owner to leave group: remove link from group search

0f225db4 09/28/2012 11:54 am Sofia Papagiannaki

Minor changes in group list

661c4479 09/27/2012 08:00 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Add group_detail members table pagination

04febd09 09/27/2012 02:01 pm Olga Brani

Bug fixes for pagination and select

9d5eb7a7 09/27/2012 11:37 am Sofia Papagiannaki

Fix group_list

574264f8 09/25/2012 04:33 pm root

Fix group_list view in case current user is not of any group
or does not participate in any group

1b3db4f0 09/25/2012 04:15 pm root

Merge branch 'dev' of into dev


39cd6c92 09/25/2012 04:12 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Merge branch '0.6.4' into dev


789bcaf9 09/25/2012 02:27 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Add group tables sorting & decrease interaction with database

fc9ce5b3 09/21/2012 04:30 pm Olga Brani

Sorting + Pagination bug

5cb31e51 09/21/2012 03:05 pm root

fetch form in GET (by spapagian)

2925e285 09/21/2012 03:05 pm root

timeline charging hello world

c3f6cdf1 09/21/2012 03:05 pm root

enhance mock timeline form and listing

c48ab3c4 09/21/2012 02:32 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Fix pagination in search group view

3bcad004 09/21/2012 12:00 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Add signed_terms_required & login_required decorators in timeline view.

6e52912b 09/20/2012 06:10 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Manipulate Timeline form fields

54213d7a 09/20/2012 03:53 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

New timeline tab

d220292f 09/20/2012 01:33 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Add pagination

7eadb924 09/20/2012 01:28 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Merge branch '0.6.4' into dev

4de59eac 09/19/2012 03:23 pm Olga Brani


670de92a 09/18/2012 07:32 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Change rename and change quota limit field to bigint

ec7778db 09/18/2012 03:35 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Merge branch '0.6.4' into dev

c3a00daf 09/18/2012 03:30 pm Olga Brani

:Merge branch '0.6.4' of into 0.6.4


5056da3d 09/18/2012 03:14 pm Olga Brani

Billing json

48121481 09/18/2012 12:40 pm root

Fix transaction management in signup views