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603284d4 11/07/2011 12:44 pm Antony Chazapis

Use the ui cookie format for the im as well.

9afb87c8 11/07/2011 12:04 pm Antony Chazapis

Fix invitations.

26986f1c 11/07/2011 11:35 am Antony Chazapis

Users that log in, are at invitations level 0.

1a91f0de 11/04/2011 05:09 pm Giorgos Verigakis

Add a feedback submission target

Uses 'feedback-msg' and 'feedback-data' fields.

An update to settings is required.

c66dd02b 11/03/2011 11:57 am Antony Chazapis

Merge branch 'invitations'

3a4a6892 11/02/2011 05:49 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Change path type from blob to varchar

Refs #1553

390c4b88 11/02/2011 03:58 pm Giorgos Verigakis

Invitations improvements

  • Resend email on duplicate emails without
    creating a new invitation.
  • Return the list of sent invitations on the
    API call.
  • Move invitation levels to settings

Refs #1588
Refs #1599

84a3513b 10/28/2011 12:07 am Antony Chazapis

Fix dummy login target.

54c749ec 10/27/2011 11:43 pm Antony Chazapis

Dummy login target, that will only redirect if the cookie is set.

b494c889 10/27/2011 09:31 pm Antony Chazapis

New user and token should replace previous cookie.

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