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Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
6e3d008c 08/20/2013 02:05 pm Olga Brani

new ui: style fixes

788833c7 08/20/2013 11:19 am Olga Brani

new ui: editable vm details

78e2d3dd 08/20/2013 10:47 am Athina Bekakou

new ui: Add the create network site (html, css, js)

ce385b85 08/07/2013 04:11 pm Olga Brani

new ui: overall improvement (links, js, style)

321113f5 08/07/2013 01:20 pm Olga Brani

new ui: fix js bug for vm list animation

2ef21a75 08/07/2013 12:40 pm Olga Brani

new ui: Foundation reveal module fix & minor fixes

Foundation reveal compoment now closes on ESC key.
Style fix of vm list checkbox color.
Some links added.

e106fc8f 08/06/2013 06:02 pm Olga Brani

new ui: sidebar custom scrollbar

a6f667a2 08/06/2013 03:34 pm Olga Brani

new ui: finishing touches for vm list animation

c9655064 08/06/2013 03:04 pm Olga Brani

new ui: animation for vm list page completed

5b2f3030 08/06/2013 01:12 pm Olga Brani

new ui: css improvements

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