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99c08010 05/01/2011 08:27 pm Mike Muzurakis

radio buttons instead of checkboxes on networks, Refs #415

71eade6b 04/30/2011 06:57 pm Christos Psaltis

Put metadata dialogs in scrollable, Refs #375

74175c17 04/30/2011 12:31 pm Christos Psaltis

Hide spinner on open_console success, Refs #391

fb3eec11 04/30/2011 12:21 pm Christos Psaltis

Rename console action to open_console

9cb7eb12 04/29/2011 11:39 pm Christos Psaltis

Formatting changes in console template

f2d1f663 04/29/2011 11:28 pm Markos Gogoulos

fix vnc console

pass console width/height on machine_console template. This can be
inserted on

473d37cc 04/29/2011 11:05 pm Markos Gogoulos

fix vnc console

9c901aec 04/29/2011 09:51 pm Markos Gogoulos

fix vnc console.

vnc console opens on a new tab. the code is on template machine_console.html and
has it's own url /machines/console

43ac5024 04/29/2011 08:41 am Mike Muzurakis

replace network images with newer ones, Refs #415

b1272faa 04/28/2011 11:14 pm Mike Muzurakis

added network and firewall content, Refs #415

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