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a8333def 09/11/2013 05:06 pm Christos Stavrakakis

cyclades: Add newline

198d91c3 09/06/2013 12:22 pm Christos Stavrakakis

cyclades: Fix bug in snf-dispatcher logic

This commit reverts commits #07602322 and #30514662 which introduced a
bug in dispatcher's logic. These commit fixed the issue that, in a case
the Cyclades DB is unsynced with Ganeti, a resource that does not exist...

ed13f73b 09/05/2013 06:54 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

docs: update Upgrade Notes & Changelog

beb2b785 08/30/2013 12:01 pm Christos Stavrakakis

Move middlewares from snf-common to snf-webproject

49044e69 08/30/2013 12:01 pm Christos Stavrakakis

Move context_processors from common to middleware

cf7820cd 08/30/2013 12:01 pm Christos Stavrakakis

common: Remove obsolete settings from docs

624ebbf8 08/30/2013 12:01 pm Christos Stavrakakis

webproject: Remove unused StripURLMiddleware

855647bd 08/30/2013 11:59 am Christos Stavrakakis

Bump version to 0.14.6

79452442 08/07/2013 12:55 pm Christos Stavrakakis

docs: Fix typo in admin guide

30fe9049 08/07/2013 11:22 am Christos Stavrakakis

Changelog, NEWS and release dates for 0.14.5

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