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1b5d6e95 07/20/2012 04:59 pm John Giannelos

Initial commit to snf-tools

8252d64f 07/20/2012 03:48 pm John Giannelos is now PEP8 compliant

2bcfb712 07/20/2012 03:03 pm John Giannelos

Change default log-folder and path handling

74ec726f 07/19/2012 05:53 pm John Giannelos

Added log folder option / Now delete-stale deletes also stale networks / Fixed failed testcases output not "None"

aa388d48 07/19/2012 12:13 pm John Giannelos

Fixed oob console test/Delete stale vms in each run

81e8cbf6 07/17/2012 04:39 pm John Giannelos

Output log in folder per image/Flavor argument now working/Fixed networking testcase

21dcb666 07/16/2012 05:53 pm John Giannelos

Minor fixes

f89d0238 07/16/2012 04:21 pm John Giannelos

Added more logging messages for user

bfce8db6 07/16/2012 01:11 pm John Giannelos

Output now stored in folders for each burnin run

33ae1493 07/10/2012 05:09 pm John Giannelos

Various fixes about fabric usage

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