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b042eb04 10/04/2011 01:39 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Fixed vm console action

e2166b0b 10/04/2011 01:03 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Fixed default vm os name

Search in meta for OS value, if not set try to get the vm image os, else
fallback to "okeanos".

29074c9d 10/04/2011 12:57 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Changed undefined ip text

c3f0d25f 10/04/2011 12:54 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Fixed default os name

81cfb7ee 10/04/2011 12:40 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Early creation of feedback view to allow early error reports

09f90e6e 10/04/2011 12:34 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Improved api recurrent requests error handling

on error try to reset changes-since value and retry api call

ec511098 10/04/2011 12:00 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Skip error display and logging for vm stats errors

2c9bfad1 10/04/2011 11:57 am Kostas Papadimitriou

Proper vm stats updates

44660f58 10/04/2011 10:59 am Kostas Papadimitriou

Several query selectors and vm views optimizations

8d1b1ffb 10/03/2011 05:34 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Fix list view transition indicator

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