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c4399e62 07/08/2013 03:59 pm Georgios D. Tsoukalas

safer pithos backend data file open and create

64aee350 07/08/2013 02:11 pm Georgios D. Tsoukalas

pithos: skip data directory creation until needed

Before this, when the pithos backend checked for the existence of a
data file (map or block) it also created its parent directories
if they did not exist, even though this is not needed until someone
actually decides to write the file....

aa00e32c 07/05/2013 07:31 pm Georgios D. Tsoukalas

pithos: don't crash in sqlite backend pools

36cae9f4 07/05/2013 07:31 pm Georgios D. Tsoukalas

pithos: backend.util pep8 fixes

cc62d2ab 07/05/2013 06:53 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

pithos: Cleanup api_method code

0534576c 07/05/2013 06:52 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

pithos: Restore sqlite backend module

ad9ada51 07/05/2013 01:24 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

pithos: Update get objects in a specific domain

Improve performance

Refs: #3510

a5b0519c 07/04/2013 12:51 pm Georgios D. Tsoukalas

pithos: fix syntax in sqlite backend

0df5250a 07/04/2013 10:48 am Sofia Papagiannaki

Merge branch 'tmp-pithos-tests' into feature-pithos-atomic-api


133e3fcf 07/03/2013 06:37 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

pithos: return always etag

Refs: #3554

If update md5 is deactivated Pithos does not return an etag header.
Pithos in that case should return the merkle hash as etag

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