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Revision d05e5324


Added by Christos Stavrakakis over 7 years ago

cyclades: Count quotas for volumes

Update Cyclades quotas to count the size of the Volumes in the
'cyclades.disk' resources:

  • Update server creation to count the disk not based on the server
    flavor, but on the newly created volumes (those volume which are in
    'CREATING' status)
  • Update volume attach/detach server commands to pass a list of quotable
    volume changes
  • Update snf-dispatcher to check if an unexpected Ganeti job changes the
    disks of an instance. Only disks from which the Synnefo is aware (and
    so the exist in DB as Volumes) are taken into account.
  • Update quota reconciliation mechanism to count 'cyclades.disk' based
    on user volumes.


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