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da0b2fcf 03/05/2013 05:02 pm Georgios D. Tsoukalas

Fix default example urls in deb config files

9521d937 02/22/2013 04:38 pm Georgios D. Tsoukalas

Rename synnefo.local ->

As determined by a spontaneous committee, based on

- .local is used

- 'example' strongly hints to configuration action

- is under control.

77a345fc 02/19/2013 12:04 pm Georgios D. Tsoukalas

cleanup astakos settings

c08b1f79 02/19/2013 12:01 pm Georgios D. Tsoukalas

cleanup pithos settings

ddebc914 02/19/2013 11:52 am Filippos Giannakos

Fix pithos RADOS setting to reflect defaults

61ae9b74 02/18/2013 10:23 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Add missing pithos setting documentation

faf96548 02/18/2013 06:07 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Import pithos settings documentation

fe3d6077 02/18/2013 06:03 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Fix pithos configuration

a38446a0 02/18/2013 02:58 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Rearrange pithos configuration

fa8b2092 02/18/2013 02:52 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

Change default pithos url settings

Point to astakos host.

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