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8d08f18a 09/19/2011 03:22 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Initial commit for ui-refactor branch

HTML/Javascript code refactoring towards an MVC-like design.

faf5ddde 07/13/2011 04:40 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Feedback form view, templates, urls and settings

fd70c1db 06/30/2011 06:14 pm Markos Gogoulos

add windows rdp functionality

Refs #671

a5bc3755 06/16/2011 04:24 pm Vangelis Koukis

Add license text to all UI files, refs #581

0a5c4b4d 06/10/2011 10:25 pm Markos Gogoulos

fix ui absolute paths. use relative only

Refs #421

f533f224 06/03/2011 04:35 pm Vangelis Koukis

Merge branches api-current and ui-0.4, minor fixes

Merge branches api-current and ui-0.4: * Fix merge conflicts * Fix minor bug in reconciliation mgmt command * Add comments in * minor PEP8 fixes

e6561111 05/04/2011 01:52 pm Mike Muzurakis

revert date changes, Refs #431

54479111 05/03/2011 06:48 pm Mike Muzurakis

fix IE date issue, Refs #431

9c901aec 04/29/2011 09:51 pm Markos Gogoulos

fix vnc console.

vnc console opens on a new tab. the code is on template machine_console.html and
has it's own url /machines/console

e646ebe5 03/30/2011 11:38 pm Dimitris Moraitis

pep8 compliance

42f67a2a 03/06/2011 07:40 am Dimitris Moraitis

major js restructuring & refactoring

Most javascript functions have been moved to a seperate file.
The standard view is also now seperate from the machines view. This solves a
couple of issues with Webkit browsers and the code becomes cleaner.
All actions from both the list and the standard view now have unified...

0dedf601 01/24/2011 07:08 pm Christos Psaltis

new main tabs appear and disappear without animation

43df43aa 01/19/2011 05:43 pm Markos Gogoulos

renamed instances to machines and also files/urls

5153f2a9 12/20/2010 07:39 pm Dimitris Moraitis

more css improvements towards mockup

cc7c5902 12/17/2010 10:00 pm Dimitris Moraitis

port to Django

15fb6633 12/16/2010 06:27 pm Dimitris Moraitis

remove boilerplate

d12e4bad 12/16/2010 06:05 pm Dimitris Moraitis

moved pyramid project to ui.pyramid/ & bootstrapped a new django app in ui/