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77582ddd 10/03/2013 05:36 pm Nanakos Chrysostomos

Merge branch 'feature-pithos-performance-optimizations' into develop

8b5c1106 10/03/2013 03:17 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

pithos: Provide tests for requests with timestamps

87835e94 10/02/2013 11:27 pm Nanakos Chrysostomos

pithos: Fix timestamps

6b256427 10/01/2013 06:56 pm Christos Stavrakakis

Request Django=>1.4, <1.5

Drop support for Django 1.2. Remove compatibility code that were used in
order to support Django 1.2 and 1.4. Finally update django documentation
link in the docs.

0a70d2c5 10/01/2013 06:16 pm Christos Stavrakakis

Merge branch 'hotfix-0.14.8' into develop

Merge hotfix-0.14.8 which ports Synnefo to wheezy and Django 1.4.5


a6b17d33 09/24/2013 05:16 pm Christos Stavrakakis

wheezy: urls module doesn't export defaults

f82ed034 09/24/2013 05:16 pm Christos Stavrakakis

wheezy: Update Django dependency to <=1.4.5

f5ff1d1e 09/23/2013 07:36 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

pithos: Change error handling in views

The view_method decorator used to check the response status:
in case of unexpected response used to return
Internal Server Error (500).
This commit changes this behavior and
the view_method decorator returns whatever the api_method decorator...

c977b0b6 09/23/2013 07:09 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

pithos: Update tests

f4b0dbd8 09/23/2013 03:57 pm Sofia Papagiannaki

pithos: Fix failing test

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