In this wiki we can gather some information about the project. This is a collaboration between GRNET and MediaWiki developers. The goal is to provide a better editing interface for Wikipedia. This will be done by evaluating existing approaches and improving them.

Read more about the usability testing.

As it looks now, the first step is to do usability testing with some of the existing approaches:


The Inline Editor, created by Jan Paul Posma, allows users to edit single sentences, media, templates, paragraphs, sections, etc. inside the normal view. Also known by the original name Sentence-Level Editing.


WYSIFTW, created by Magnus Manske, allows users to edit sections or entire pages in a mode similar to the normal view, using augmented wikitext display. Also known by the original name WYSIWTF (note the last 3 characters).


The Wikia WYSIWYG editor.