Usability testing

Original usability testing description

A few developers will be (part-time) working on this from February for a (so far) unspecified amount of time. The consensus was that it would be good to start off with some basic usability testing, to see how well the different tools work for novice users. It'll be very basic testing, with about 10 subjects from within GRNET (so with a bit of technical bias) but only those who haven't edited before.

Both Magnus' and Jan Paul's tools will be implemented on a clone of the Greek Wikipedia and we will set up a fabricated article that works well with both of our editors. It's only about the usability, not about technical aspects for now. Both editing tools will have to be adapted and localised, perhaps this can even be done by GRNET developers. We'll use the usability script that Jan Paul used before with the Sentence-Level Editing usability research.

Once this usability testing has been done, we'll decide how to distribute the efforts, and what will be done. We'll work closely with the GRNET developers to assist them in working on these projects. Once we'll have more information it will be posted to this list.


Usability testing can be done on different levels, and it seems a good idea to do screen, audio, and video capture. Notes could be taken during the test. Suggested software: Telestream ScreenFlow (


Attached to this page is the usability script that was used for the initial usability test of the Sentence-Level Editor. Since then the editor has been improved, so it would be good to test it again. This would also be better for the comparison against the other editors.

This script can be adapted to this specific setting, with a different article and perhaps slightly different tasks.

SentenceLevelEditing_Usability_RuG.pdf - Usability script Sentence-Level Editing (53 kB) Jan Paul Posma, 01/23/2011 02:11 am