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01:25 pm Synnefo Feature #4948 (Closed): Log all stdout/stderr for snf-manage invocations
Moved to Github Issue #3


03:00 pm Synnefo Feature #3385 (Closed): Duplicate code in snf-burnin
Burnin has been written from scratch.


02:29 pm Synnefo Feature #4739 (Assigned): Burnin as a stress testing tool
Right now burnin act as a verification/debuging tool (i.e. run a series of
tests and verify that there are no obviou...


03:31 pm Synnefo Bug #3570 (Closed): Synnefo ignores queue messages about machines NICs
Burnin didn't report this error again so I will close it.
03:30 pm Synnefo Feature #3767 (Closed): Changes for compatibility with OS/Compute v2
03:29 pm Synnefo Bug #3090 (Closed): Typo in `snf-manage service-list --help'
Resolved, but nobody was assigned to close it.


11:13 am Synnefo Feature #3385 (Resolved): Duplicate code in snf-burnin
Fixed on branch feature-refactor-burnin and it will be merged to develop.


04:32 pm Synnefo Feature #3449 (Closed): Use a single Astakos client throughout Synnefo
04:31 pm Synnefo Feature #4192 (Closed): ci: Get flavor by name
04:30 pm Synnefo Feature #4199 (Closed): ci: Read-only config file

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