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04:04 am snf-vncauthproxy Revision 171b9e72: Minor fixes to the Debian packaging
04:04 am snf-vncauthproxy Revision 653715aa: Drop daemon's privileges
Since there is no support for this in the daemon itself nor a proper
configuration file, do that in the (Debian) init...
04:04 am snf-vncauthproxy Revision eafd0e30: Initial Debian packaging


03:14 am NetApp private SCSI pages ontap-tools_1-4_amd64.deb
03:14 am NetApp private SCSI pages ontap-tools_1-4.dsc
03:14 am NetApp private SCSI pages ontap-tools_1-4.debian.tar.gz
03:14 am NetApp private SCSI pages ontap-tools_1.orig.tar.gz


05:41 pm snf-nfdhcpd Revision 5e14fb4d: Merge branch 'master' into debian
05:41 pm snf-nfdhcpd Revision 13059e30: mac2eui64: exit on an invalid IPv6 prefix


04:35 pm ganeti-local Revision fac30cea: Fix OS creation's error handling when pausing sync
Commit 41e1e79 introduced a feature in which when wait_for_sync is not
set, DRBD sync is paused during the OS install...

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