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04:49 pm Pithos Web Client Bug #6106 (Closed): Pithos Webclient should truncate long container names
At the moment long container names aren't truncated and it's possible to "overflow" the UI in a lot of actions, e.g.,...


04:33 pm snf-nfdhcpd Revision c251ada8: Do not crash if we can't access the logfile
* Check if we can access the logging directory. If not, print an error
message and exit.


05:48 pm Pithos Web Client Revision b596cc50: Update setup.py
* Update Copyright date
* Update author/maintainer & author/maintainer email fields
* Update url to http://synnefo.or...


01:45 pm ./kamaki Bug #5160 (Assigned): Status bar not woking when appending to a file
When appending to a file using: ...


03:01 pm Synnefo Revision 4e571185: plankton: Handle a potential 500 error in plankton
* Catch a potential 500 error, when registering a file as an Image, while
trying to decode "Image name" into unicode....


05:43 pm Synnefo Revision e1c66081: Update changelog to include HTTP 500 API fixes


01:03 pm Synnefo Revision 828a28df: cyclades: Add tenant_id/user_id fields in floating ips
* Add tenant_id and user_id in floating ip responses
* Update tests to comply with this change


11:07 am Synnefo Revision 1b8eae7f: cyclades: Add shared field in the API for networks
Add a "shared" field in the API reply of networks to be compatible with
Neutron API. This field has the same value as...


01:29 pm Synnefo Revision d58d0327: cyclades: Add tests for servers/networks/subnets
Add new tests for changes introduced in commit 35ea7f6
10:44 am Synnefo Revision 7a29e4ca: cyclades: Revert some changes from previous commit
Revert removal of duplicate code from commit

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