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02:19 pm Synnefo Feature #5014 (New): Update snf-manage project-list command to match rest of --filter in Synnefo
The snf-manage project-list command should be updated to filter exactly like the rest of Synnefo.
Currently, it uses...


03:35 pm ./kamaki Bug #4865: Non positional arguments are partially matched
I don't have a strong opinion on the way to disable the "feature", as long as it actually gets disabled.
Do whatever...
02:12 pm ./kamaki Bug #4865 (Assigned): Non positional arguments are partially matched
this is certainly unwanted behavior, and bound to create problems.
Please disable this. A workaround exi...


11:35 am Synnefo Feature #4948 (Closed): Log all stdout/stderr for snf-manage invocations
Log all stdout and stderr output of every invocation of snf-manage,
on unique filename under /var/log/synnefo.


01:55 pm Synnefo Bug #4944 (Assigned): Command output
01:55 pm Synnefo Bug #4944: Command output
The rule is: all diagnostics go to stderr (not just errors, warnings, and progress reports too),
and all expected/us...


02:56 pm Synnefo Bug #4804 (Resolved): Exception thrown at /oauth2/auth
Perhaps not properly validating the length of the URL resource?...
11:47 am Synnefo Bug #4796 (Assigned): Exception thrown: DoesNotExist: AstakosUserAuthProvider matching query does...
11:45 am Synnefo Bug #4795 (Closed): Exception thrown, 'file' object has no attribute 'reset' during rstimport
During rstimport to the CMS:...


06:06 pm Synnefo Bug #4779 (Closed): UI: New machine Wizard: "+ create new IP" should not appear when out of IPs
The option to create a new IP should not appear during the New Machine Wizard,
since the UI already knows I'm out of...

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