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03:46 pm ganetimgr Revision 4adc34c4: Patch redis Django client to support the redis keys() function
(cherry picked from commit e5620a34381ef50b76c1b525f4501dcf3f9acee6)
03:46 pm ganetimgr Revision f78d68bf: Enhancement for Redis cache in settings.py CACHE_BACKEND db param
(cherry picked from commit 09aa163a71af6ad975811fb87b6d42711a3621c6)


04:19 pm Firewall on Demand Revision 1c9bea54: Updates for v1.1.1
04:06 pm Firewall on Demand Revision 3ff6f95b: Switch to GPLv3


03:57 pm ganetimgr Feature #4472 (Closed): Implement fine grain permissions for helpdesk
Done since some months ago
03:57 pm ganetimgr Feature #4487 (Closed): FAQ page
Done since some commits ago


01:24 pm ganetimgr Bug #5358 (Closed): reject action requiers a network selection
Redesign of the review mechanism eliminates this issue.


04:16 pm Djira Revision 77c65646: Add exceptions in indexer and updater
01:01 pm Djira Revision 35b77c06: Porting of djira from squeeze
11:40 am Djira Revision ff9778d3: Add settings.py.dist

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