Georgios Tsoukalas

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07:14 pm Synnefo Bug #3988 (New): Configure visibility of astakos components in get_services/get_menu catalogs
There may be synnefo components that should not be promoted to front-page visibility
(for example, synnefo stats).


02:32 pm Synnefo Bug #3733 (New): snf-manage --settings-dir not working
To reproduce:
snf-manage --settings-dir=/etc/somewhere diffsettings | grep SYNNEFO_SETTINGS_DIR
It remains '/...


06:28 pm Synnefo Bug #3419 (Closed): kamaki objpool pool_size
06:25 pm Synnefo Bug #3355 (Closed): Unregister images
Tracked in #3522
02:47 pm Synnefo Bug #3722 (Assigned): pithos backend creates data file parent dirs even if it is only checking fo...
skalkoto bumped into this bug while trying to regiter an image.
The map file did not exist but pithos was not able...


07:08 pm Synnefo Bug #3717 (New): Replace DateFields to DateTimeFields for enhanced precision.
Django DateField only saves the date at day level, without the time-of-day.
We must if our DateFields are really int...


04:30 pm Synnefo Bug #3661 (Closed): cyclades-usage-verify misreports 0 usage as non-existing
In certain occasions, for example when a user has non-zero VMs but 0 Networks,
the following spurious warning is emi...


08:26 pm Synnefo Feature #3606 (Closed): cyclades reset usage --userid should send zero resources if user is not f...
... since the user id was explicitly specified.
This will dispose of the inconvenience having to create resources


04:33 pm Synnefo Bug #3594 (Resolved): pithos commission serials must be safely registered in database to allow fo...
Pithos already has a table for this but it is currently unused.
Provide a @pithos-reconcile-commissions@ commad to d...
04:21 pm Synnefo Bug #3591 (Resolved): pithos-usage --reset should only reset diverging quotas and should provide ...
Proposition 1:
@pithos-usage --reset --dry-run@
Displays usages that are diverging in pithos and astakos.

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