Panagiotis Louridas

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Reported issues: 16


10:51 am Pithos MS Client Bug #2287 (Closed): Drag and drop a single text file results in stuck hashing
I create a text file on the desktop, say test.txt, then I drag and drop it in the Pithos folder. The client displays ...


10:23 pm Pithos MS Client Bug #2227 (Closed): Wrong synchronization of empty folders
(1) Log in to Pithos from the web interface
(2) Start the Pithos client
(3) Create an (empty) directory from the we...


11:15 am Pithos MacOS Client Feature #2176 (Closed): Option to start the client at system startup
Both Dropbox and the MS-Windows client have the option to start automatically at system start-up, it should be in the...
11:14 am Pithos MacOS Client Feature #2175 (New): No desktop notifications
Dropbox (and the MS-Windows client) display desktop notifications about new files etc. The Mac client should have the...
11:13 am Pithos MacOS Client Bug #2174 (Closed): Start syncing on active accounts
When a user makes an account active, they must then ask for syncing to start. Syncing should start when users make an...


12:56 pm Pithos MS Client Bug #2120: No syncing of folder contents
I restarted Pithos and started syncing the folder and its contents. It synced the direct contents (the files in it) a...
11:39 am Pithos MS Client Bug #2122 (Closed): Account deletion does not work
I delete my account from the client, then exit. When I restart the program, I see the account there, marked as inacti...
11:37 am Pithos MS Client Bug #2121 (Closed): Pasting new token does not make account active
After my token had been changed on the server, the client correctly detected that and made the account inactive. I sa...
11:35 am Pithos MS Client Bug #2120 (Closed): No syncing of folder contents
I copy a folder at my local Pithos folder, then start syncing. From the web client I see that only the folder has bee...


05:26 pm Synnefo Bug #2111 (Closed): Force login at redirect view
Provide a solution to #2094.

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