Replace uniq with userid.
[pithos] / snf-pithos-app /
2012-04-02 Antony ChazapisReplace uniq with userid. new-userid
2012-03-16 rootFix.
2012-03-16 Antony ChazapisUse cookie to get token when retrieving objects.
2012-02-28 Antony ChazapisUpdate README. pithos/v0.9.1
2012-02-25 Antony ChazapisRemove obsolete import.
2012-02-25 Antony ChazapisMake proper README files for each package.
2012-02-24 Kostas PapadimitriouProper snf-common version spec
2012-02-24 Kostas PapadimitriouUpdate required version of snf-pithos-backend
2012-02-24 Kostas PapadimitriouUpdated snf-common required version
2012-02-24 Antony ChazapisFix typo.
2012-02-23 Antony ChazapisRemove PROJECT_PATH.
2012-02-23 Antony ChazapisFix dependencies.
2012-02-23 Kostas entry points fix
2012-02-23 Antony ChazapisFix login redirect.
2012-02-23 Kostas PapadimitriouUpdated install_requires for snf-pithos-app
2012-02-23 Kostas PapadimitriouUpdated snf-webproject hooks
2012-02-23 Antony ChazapisRemove lib package.
2012-02-22 Kostas PapadimitriouFixed conf location
2012-02-22 Kostas PapadimitriouFixed additional conflicts from previous merge
2012-02-22 Kostas PapadimitriouMerge commit 'v0.9.0' into packaging
2012-01-31 Kostas PapadimitriouFix items.xml location
2012-01-27 Kostas PapadimitriouRemoved prefix for snf-pithos-app
2012-01-26 Kostas PapadimitriouMerge branch 'master' into packaging
2012-01-23 Kostas PapadimitriouMerge branch 'master' into packaging
2012-01-23 Kostas PapadimitriouFixed synnefo url format
2012-01-23 Kostas PapadimitriouFixed pithos-app requirements/versions
2012-01-23 Kostas PapadimitriouMoved
2012-01-23 Kostas PapadimitriouMerge branch 'master' into packaging
2012-01-20 Kostas PapadimitriouAdded COPYRIGHT files
2012-01-19 Kostas PapadimitriouMinor fixes
2012-01-19 Kostas PapadimitriouUpdated snf-pithos-app dependencies
2012-01-19 Kostas changes
2012-01-18 Kostas PapadimitriouHandle synnefo imports in files
2012-01-18 Kostas PapadimitriouExtend snf-common default settings
2012-01-17 Kostas PapadimitriouSplit pithos components in separate packages