• Aquarium

    Charging services for the Okeanos cloud

  • Archipelago

    This project page is obsolete. All Synnefo-related development has been moved to Github, please see

    Archipelago is a distributed storage layer that decouples Volume and File operations/logic from the actual underlying storage technology, used to store data. It provides a unified way to provision, handle and present Volumes and Files independently of the storage backend. It also implements thin clones, snapshots, and deduplication, and has pluggable drivers for different backend storage technologies. It was primarily designed to solve problems that arise on large scale cloud environments. Archipelago’s end goal is to:...

  • DjNRO - eduroam (moved)

    Important: This project has moved

    or clone via git:

    git clone

  • e-counting

    Implementation of university elections counting system.

  • eduPerson AD Property Sheet

    The eduPerson Directory Schema has been designed by the EDUCAUSE/Internet2 task force and is the basis for the operation of the Shibboleth AAI middleware. The eduPerson schema can be supported on any LDAP Directory platform, including Microsoft Active Directory....

  • grSSaaS

    GRNET Scientific Software as a Service Project

  • Kalamari

    Kalamari connects to a user-defined AMQP exchnage, sets up a queue named log and receives messages that it then stores in a configurable MongoDB collection.

  • Alcatel GENOS IOO client

    The Alcatel IOO is a proprietary module which provides a "north bound interface" or "an interface towards the client" for the retrieval of monitoring data present within the NMS....

  • DjNRO

    DjNRO aims to provide a useful front-end for eduroam users and, most importantly, an easy to use management interface for admins of federation members (IdPs and SPs)....

  • Firewall on Demand

    Firewall on Demand service. Powers
    Applies firewall rules to network (flowspec) using nxpy, ncclient and Django

    Documentation Status...

  • MuPy: A Munin Python wrapper

    mupy is a flexible Munin Python wrapper that allows for advanced graph retrieval from Munin webpages
  • ncclient:NETCONF Python client

    ncclient [1] is a Python library that facilitates client-side scripting and application development around the NETCONF protocol.
    The library formed the basis to design and implement the upcoming GRNET's service Firewall on Demand [2]....

  • Powermeter

    A project that parses the YPEPTH EGX-300 measurements, stores them in rrds and calculates the DC PUE

  • Shibboleth WAYF/DS

    A Shibboleth Where Are You From service & SAML 2.0 Discovery Service.

    Its main features include:
    • Bindings for parsing Shibboleth 1.3 & Shibboleth 2 metadata and extracting institution information....
  • staLUN: EMC LUN statistics

    staLUN is an EMC statistics graphing platform

  • Pithos_GSS

    Pithos GRNET Simple Storage, the first incarnation of the Pithos online storage system

    • GSS

      GSS is a scalable file storage service, built on open source technologies that offers an open API and multiple user interfaces (rich web GUI, WebDAV, Desktop client). GSS is built on Java.

    • GSSDroid

      GSS Android Client application

    • Java GSS CLI Client

      A prototype GSS client written in Java.

    • Pithos Firefox extension

      This is a Firefox extension for the Pithos (aka GSS) storage service.
      The plugin provides a combined view of GSS and local file system.

      It is currently under development.

  • stv

    An implementation of Single Transferable Vote

  • Synnefo

    This project page is obsolete. All Synnefo-related development has been moved to Github, please see

    Synnefo is open source cloud software, used to create massively scalable IaaS clouds....

  • Wikipedia WYSIWYG

    Wikipedia WYSIWYG Development Efforts

  • wikipedia-transifex

    Use of transifex for Wikipedia translation efforts.

  • ENOC TT Handler

    A handler / normaliser for ENOC Trouble Tickets.

  • Voting Power

    Calculate voting power in weighted voting scheme

  • wikimeasure

    Tools to measure various things wikipedian

  • pagerank

    A pagerank implementation in C++ able to handle very big graphs


    Investigation of Novel Programming Techniques and Environments on the road for Exa-scale Computing in the context of PRACE

  • e-IRGSP Governance Report

    Governance report as part of the WP4 deliverable of the e-IRGSP2 project

  • Eudoxus Mobile Apps

    Η εφαρμογή του φοιτητή σε IOS και Android.

  • HellasGRID

    All developments of HellasGRID

  • Athinas Tests

    testing redmine features

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